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    What exactly are swab and serology tests?

    A swab test is done to test for the presence of a current COVID-19 infection. A swab test is normally referred to as the RT-PCR (Real Time - Polymerase Chain Reaction) test, recognised as the Gold Standard in COVID-19 detection. A serology test, on the other hand, helps to determine a past infection (or for the existence of COVID-19 antibodies) via a blood test. It is also known as the IgG/IgM (Immunoglobulins) antibody test.

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    Which digitally verifiable vaccination certificates are exempted from serology testing (Updating NIR option)?

    Holders of the following types of certificates may be exempted from serology testing for their vaccinations to be recognised. However, you must still visit a healthcare provider for your vaccination records to be ingested in the NIR. The healthcare provider will scan your certificate to verify its authenticity.

    [Multiple countries] EU Digital COVID Certificate (EU DCC)
    [Australia] International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate
    [Bahrain] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate
    [Bangladesh] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
    [Brunei] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate on the BruHealth app
    [Cambodia] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from the Kingdom of Cambodia
    [Canada] Smart Health Card (SHC)
    [Mainland China] International Travel Health Certificate
    [Fiji] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate
    [Hong Kong] COVID-19 Vaccination Record from Department of Health
    [India] Co-WIN International Travel Certificate
    [Indonesia] International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from the PeduliLindungi app
    [Japan] Vaccination Certificate of COVID-19
    [Republic of Korea] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency
    [Malaysia] Digital Certificate for COVID-19 Vaccination from the MySejahtera app
    [Maldives] COVID-19 Digital Certification from the Health Protection Agency Maldives
    [Philippines] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from Department of Health
    [Qatar] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from Ministry of Public Health
    [Saudi Arabia] COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate from Tawakkalna app
    [United States] SMART Health Card (SHC) or CDC Vaccination Card

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    Is RTK-AG same as Antigen Rapid Testing (ART)?

    Yes it is the same type of testing method with different names.

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    How does the Tele/Remote ART testing work?

    Our assigned qualified swabbers will be reaching out to you via WhatsApp prior to your appointment and calling you via WhatsApp video call during the scheduled appointment time frame. Results will be out within 15 minutes and Memo to be emailed out within 2 hours. Do note that all bookings done on the website is locked to Singapore Local Time.

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    How long will the swab and serology tests take?

    Our qualified swabbers/ phlebotomist visit your home (or workplace) to perform the test. The actual PCR swabbing itself usually takes less than 15 minutes, while the serology test takes between 15 to 30 minutes. Results will be delivered to you after 12 to 24 hours. To expedite, you can opt for Express Swab where results will be delivered to you in under 8 hours. Antigen Rapid Testing (ART) will take 15 mins for results to be out and Notarised Memo to be emailed to you within 2 hours.

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    Is your swab test/clinic officially recognised?

    Yes. We are a licensed service provider by Singapore's Ministry of Health. We are the off-site arm of BCH CLINIC @ PASIR RIS.

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    Are my results confirmed? Could it be a false positive (or negative)?

    We follow very strict procedures to minimize errors in testing. While no test is 100% accurate, the PCR test is highly sensitive and able to detect even minute amounts of virus material. Results of the PCR test is generally accepted to be the Gold Standard in COVID-19 detection at this point in time.

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    How will I receive my health certificate?

    Your digitally notarised health certificate will be issued to the email address that you registered with.

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    Can my health certificate be sent to multiple emails?

    In compliance with MOH regulations, we will only be able to send your health certificate to a maximum of 2 email addresses.

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    Why haven't I received my health certificate yet?

    If your health certificate has yet to reach your inbox, do check your junk mail and spam folders in case it was placed in those mailboxes.

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    Can I have the swab and serology tests done on the same day as my flight?

    The normal turnaround time is between 12 to 48 hours after the test sample has been submitted to the lab and the express turnaround time is within 8 hours after the test sample has been submitted to the lab. We strongly advise you to plan accordingly with regards to your travel arrangements.

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    Where do I find the testing requirements for my destination?

    You can head over to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website to learn more about the testing requirements for each individual country. Requirements do change dynamically, so please also check with the embassy of the destination country during your planning.

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    What if I require an additional memo or note for travel?

    Your COVID-19 test results are prepared strictly in accordance with MOH's guidelines. Should you require additional documentation, do inform us early and we should be able to help you.

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    What are your working hours? When should I submit a booking order?

    Our Admin and Sales departments are available from 9am to 9pm, Mondays to Fridays; while our swabbing appointment timeslots are from 8am to 9pm everyday (Including Public Holidays). We are currently accepting appointments booked 1 day in advance should there be availability. You may proceed to book on our Web Shop.

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    What is your pricing?

    Our packages and fees are published in our Services page.

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    What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept payments by Credit Card, Apple Pay, PayNow, or GrabPay.

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    I booked the wrong timing/date for my swab appointment how do I change it?

    Do email us at sales@bch-art.sg for assistance.

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    What is your cancellation policy?

    If a cancellation is received more than 3 hours before the appointment time, the payment will be fully refunded, less an administrative charge of S$20/pax (applies for all on-site services) and S$5/pax (applies for Tele-Supervised ART Swab) will incur for any forms of cancellation; if it's less than 3 hours, 50% will be refunded. However, if there is a "no-show" for more than 30 minutes after the appointment time, the booking is cancelled with no refund. On the topic of rescheduling, an appointment can be rescheduled if the request is received more than 3 hours before appointment time; if it's less than 3 hours, a S$50 administrative charge will be imposed.

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